Margin Requirements & Trading Limits

The Client is required to deposit and maintain minimum margins as prescribed by TSPL against his outstanding trades/exposure for the purpose of trading in his account. The Account Holder shall be responsible to ensure that the margin shall be either in cash or in securities or a combination of both, approved by the TSPL, for the purpose of margin deposit.

The Client undertakes to comply with the directions of TSPL for regularization of the margin requirements. This is without prejudice to the TSPL’s right to call additional amount or securities as margin as per clause (h) of the Special Terms and Conditions for Online Trading appended in the Account Opening Form. The Client acknowledges and understands that his/her/their losses may be more than the actual account size and he/she/they is/are willing to accept such degree of risk.

Trading Limits are assigned to each Client based on the market type the Client is trading in and the Risk profile of the said Client.

Margin Calls

TSPL will deliver system base Margin requirement report to clients on daily bases in case of further margin requirement from clients. Client may deposit required margin in form of security and cash or reduce the excess security position by sale of security.